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Guide Rail Electric Energy Meter


HYDS and HYTS series DlN rail electricity meter is a new generation of miniature power meter which is developed by our company integrating many years of professional design experience in power meter. For miniaturization of the structure, it can used with the miniature circuit breaker, installed in the terminal power distribution box, provided an effective solution of electric energy metering for low voltage power distribution terminal. It Widely used in building, shopping mall, exhibition center, schools, airports, ports and factories, etc.
HYDS electric meter display time, date, total, peak, fiat, valley KWH periodically. (Note:only display total KWH if without time-sharing multi-rate electric energy metering function.); HYTS has data button display function, can inquiry all display items by panel buttons, such as A, B, C, three-phase current and voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, active/reactive total, spike, peak, flat, vaIley KWH; meter address, software version number, display self-inspection, etc.
The meter adopts ultraviolet rays protection, high and low temperature resistance and wide viewing angle LCD display; clock, rate period parameters can be set also, and electric energy pulse output; data swap with the super ordination machine Via Rs485 communication interface, which can inquire total electric energy of last 12 months KWH at any time and monitor demand value real time, greatly facilitating the power automated administration.This power meter has advantages of smaller volume, high precision, good EMC, easy installing, and flame retardant shell of ABS material, etc. meet the related requirements of electronic power meter in the GB/T17215, GB/T17883 and DL/T614 standards.

Meaning of the products' name

Remark: The meaning of the products' name is the sum instruction to the products' model, different symbols of the products' model have different meanings, detailed models for choice please reference the specifications models, users can't assemble it fireely.

Technical specifications

Typical signal input wiring diagram

Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)
HY series products with strong electromagnetic compatibility and perfect electromagnetic compatibility design are suitable for the use of strong radio frequency interference environments.

Typical Products

Ordering Example
Example 1:
Model: HYDS10
Signal Input: AC220V, AC5A
Other: Other factory pre-set
(If no indication when ordering, ex-factory products will delivery in accordance with the default setting)

Example 2:
Model: HYDS100E
Signal Input: AC220V, AC5A
Other: Other factory pre-set
(If no indication when ordering, ex-factory products will delivery in accordance with the default setting)

Example 3:
Model: HYTS300E
Signal Input: AC380V, AC 20A
Wire connection Model: Three-phase three-wire
Other: Communication is 645 statute, other factory preset

Example 4:
Model: HYTS300EF
Signallnput: AC220V, AC100A/5A
Wire connection Model: Three-phase four-wire
Other: Communication is 645 statute
Time zone time
September 1st~Next yearjanuary 1st
Peak10~fifteen eighteen~21 from September~1st
to December 31st
Flat 7~ten fifteen to eighteen twenty-one~23 point
July 1st~August 31st
Point 16 point to 17 points
Peak at 10 points to 21 points to fifteen eighteen
Flat 7~ten fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen
twenty-one~23 Valley of 23~7

Note: Other items that can be annotated as rate settings, communication protocols.

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