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Multifunction Electric Power Meter

PD106E and PD106Z series multifunction electric power meters are high precision, high reliability, high cost-effective Intelligent Power Distrbution meter products, they are designed targeted to the applications of electric power monitoring, intelligent control, and metering assessment such as electric power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, intelligent building and so on. The series meters adopt high precision special metering IC and high reliability MCU to design, they can measure the three-phase electric power grid's all electric capacity parameters at the meantime, the electric capacity parameters including three-phase voltage(phase/line), three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, electric power grid frequency, UIPQ demand capacity and Bi-directional energy metering, they have standard electric energy pulse output and RS485 communication interface, can choose many expanded function modules.
PD106E series are general functions products, they have measurement and metering functions, with electric energy pulse output and communication interface. PD106Z series based on the general functions, added functions such as DC current transmission output, on-off input monitoring, relay output and so on. There are five shape size can be chose of the products: face frame sizes of 160×80, 120×120, 96×96, 80× 80 and 72×72(mm).
The series products of the high cost-effective feature can replace general electric power transmitters, measurement indication meters, electric energy metering meters and relative assistant units. As one kind of advanced intelligent, digital electric grid front-end collection components, PD106E/Z series multifunction network electric power monitoring meters are widely used in a variety of control systems, SCADA systems and Energy Management Systems, substation automation, distribution network, community electric power monitoring, industrial automation, intelligent building, intelligent distribution cabinet, switchgear cabinet, with the features of easy installation, simple wiring, easy maintenance, small quantities project, they can be programmable to set input parameters in site work, in the field , they can complete different PLC, industrial control computer communication software group network. The products meets the standard of GB/T 22264.1-2008. GB/T13978-2008.

Meaning of the products' name

Remark: The meaning of the products' name is the sum instruction to the products' model, different symbols of the products' model have different meanings, detailed models for choice please reference the specifications models, users can't assemble it fireely.

Technical specifications

Typical functions wiring diagram

Typical functions wiring diagram instruction
◆The above diagram choose 9S4 as the example, which with the most versatile extension functions, the other models do not possess all the above extension function terminals, details reference to previous page of multifunction electric power meters' models table.
◆Products possess one way communication interface only, thus, the communication interface defaulted as the first one way communication interface.
◆Products extension function channels less than the above diagram, the default path from the first way terminal number to begin.

Typical signal input wiring diagram
On behalf of current into the line

Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)
PD106 series products with strong electromagnetic compatibility and perfect electromagnetic compatibility design are suitable for the use of strong radio frequency interference environments.

42 square multifunctional table
Type LED function table

Type LCD function table

96 square multifunctional table
Type LED function table

Type LCD function table

80 square multifunctional table
Type LED function table

Type LCD function table

72 square multifunctional table
Type LED function table

Type LCD function table

The 16 groove-shaped multi-function table

Ordering Example
Example 1:
Model: PD106E-2S4
Signal Input: AC220V, AC1000/5A
Wire connection Mode: three-phase four-wire
Other: Other factory pre-set ordering, ex-factory products
(If no indication when will delivery in accordance with the default setting)

Example 1:
Model: PD106Z-9S4
Signal Input: AC380V, AC100/5A
Wire connection Mode: Three-phase three-wire
Transmission output: (transmission 1) 4~20mA corresponds to A-phase voltage 0~380V
Other: Other factory pre-set
(If no indication when ordering, ex-factory products will delivery in accordance with the default setting)

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