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Three-Phase Electric Measuring Meter

Three-phase digital electric measuring meter is suitable for power grid, automation control system; It mainly measure all kinds of three phaseElectric Parameters such as current, voltage, etc. according to the additional function , we have X, K, D, S, C five series digital display electric meter. The products comply with GB/T 22264.1-2008、GB/T 13978-2008.
X series programmable electric meter, mainly use int the grid for the measure and display of the electric parameters such as current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor, etc; It can set PT&CT rate by the keyboard, display directly, high precision, good stability, resistance to vibration, etc., and can be used in the spot for serious waveform distortion.
K series intelligent digital instrument is on the X series within a RS485 communication interface output (using Modbus-RTU protocol) to facilitate the netw-orking of digital instrument.
D series digital transmission instruments is on the X series based on the increased transmission output analog quantity, optional 0/1~10V, 0/4-20mA output.
S series digital display and alarm instrument is on the X series based on the increase of output relay function ("alarm"), can be arbitrarily set alarm project, flexible and convenient use.
C Series intelligent digital monitoring instrument is on the X series based on the increase of switching input function, can be used to monitor such as fault alarm node, opening and closing state, barrow position, capacitance compensation cabinet capacitor Input state.
The five in a series of instrument function may be arbitrary superposition.

Meaning of the products' name

Technical specifications

Typical functions wiring diagram
On behalf of current into the line

Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)
P□106 series products with strong electromagnetic compatibility and perfect elec tromagnetic compatibility design are suitable for the use of strong radio frequency interference environments.

42 square three table

96 square three table

80 square three table

72 square three table

48 square three table

Ordering Example
Example 1:
Name: Three-phase digital transmitting instrument
Model: PA106AA-9D4
Source: AC85-270V
Signalinput: AC5A
Other: One way transmitting 4-20mA corresponding 0-5A

Example 2:
Name: three-phase digital display and alarm instrument
Model: P2106AV-9S4
Source: AC85-270V
Signal input: AC10KV/100V
Other: the upper and lower limit alarm, A phase voltage is greater than 10KV DO1 alarm; A phase voltage is less than 1KV, DO2 alarm.

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